Kayaking in the Everglades

If you're thinking about paddling this winter, Everglades kayaking day tours and camping tours are the best place in all of south Florida because of weather, wildlife and scenery.  The weather is usually 65-80 degrees during the winter and the sun shines the majority of the days when you kayak Florida. 


The Everglades National Park covers nearly 1.4 million acres of southern Florida and includes an area called the Ten Thousand Islands region which is ideal for Everglades tours and for independently exploring the Everglades by kayak or other small boats.  Paddling with an experienced guide on a guided tour is recommended because it is so easy to get lost in the Everglades.  Ten Thousand Islands literally means ten thousand islands.  There are few kayaking destinations left in the United States that are this remote.  But because the Everglades area is so remote, you can really get away from it all on our Everglades trips


Wildlife in the Ten Thousand Islands area includes dolphins, manatees, great white herons, ibis, egrets, rays, nurse sharks and small fish.  It is relatively rare to see alligators on an Everglades kayak tour in the Ten Thousand Islands area because they tend to head inland during the drier winter months. 


The weather is ideal during the winter for kayaking the Everglades. The best months to take an Everglades kayak tour is from mid December until the middle of April.  During the summer months there is a chance of rain and lightening storms, hurricanes and extreme amount of mosquitoes and various other insects.


The Everglades offer a sunny and warm winter vacation destination without having to get a passport or worry about what's in the drinking water.  Kayak south Florida and the Everglades for an experience to remember!


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