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3 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Try a Sea Kayaking Tour

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Taking a kayak tour in Puget Sound is an eco-friendly way to see the islands and experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest without harming the natural environment.

3 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Try a Sea Kayaking Tour

Here are three eco-friendly reasons to take a kayak tour in the San Juan Islands:

  1. Limit Transportation Needs to Preserve the Environment

    Our kayak tours take place in small groups, which avoids disruption of the terrain and habitats we visit. We also offer free shuttle services from the ferry landing to eliminate the need for guests to bring their own cars onto the island.

  2. Explore Remote Areas without Leaving a Trace

    Kayak tours provide a unique perspective of the San Juan Islands. You’ll have the opportunity to explore areas you can only reach by kayak, which eliminates the need for fuels and other damaging transportation. We’re also dedicated to leaving no trace on our campsites on our multiple-day camp-to-camp tours.

  3. Support Small Businesses with Local Conservation Knowledge

    Our team is proud to support the environment both by hiring knowledgeable and conservation-minded guides and by giving back to wildlife programs and organizations that promote clean air, clean water, and education. We’re thrilled to help educate the public on both habitat restoration and conservation while leading by example through our tours.

3 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Try a Sea Kayaking Tour

Experience the best of the Pacific Northwest with a kayaking tour: book a three hour kayaking tour today, or give us a call at 877-732-7877. We look forward to guiding you through the best of the San Juan Islands!

Plus, if you’re looking for additional excursions beyond a kayaking tour, don’t forget to check out our bicycling tours through and whale watching tours through make the most of your Pacific Northwest experience with everything the San Juan Islands have to offer!

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