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Multi-Day San Juan Islands Kayak Camping Vacation

I just wanted to let you know how great our kayak trip was this past weekend. My friends and I had an awesome time paddling with your company and I'm sure we will all recommend Crystal Seas whole-heartedly to anyone who asks. Your guides were professional, extremely competent, responsive to the guests, and lots of fun to hang out with. I got exactly what I wanted to from my trip with Crystal Seas: relaxation, challenge, and plenty of fun.
Paul Kimball

Multi-Day Kayak Camping Summary

This is the trip we have been perfecting for more than 25 years.  Our guests enjoy the best food in the industry and we have real-time information about where whales have been spotted; making this the top kayak camping tour in the San Juan Islands. We paddle from San Juan Island to small islands in the San Juan Archipelago where we set up camp and hike to scenic vistas.  Wake up to beautiful sunrises and enjoy delicious breakfasts before spending the day on the water. Our guests are always impressed with the gourmet meals we make for them.  Eating well is part of the experience and what we are known for! We can accommodate all dietary restrictions.  Crystal Seas will provide everything you need to make your kayak expedition an enjoyable, relaxing adventure.  No experience is necessary on our sea kayak camping trips.

Length:These tours range from 2-6 days in length.

All Inclusive:We provide: All gourmet meals and snacks made with locally farmed produce when available, safety equipment and first aid supplies, SealLine dry bags, two-person MSR tents, Therm-A-Rest sleeping pads and pillows, Kokatat paddling jackets and pants, wetsuit booties, pogies and our incredible attention to detail. You need to bring, a sleeping bag (rentals are available), personal clothing and toiletries, a willingness to learn and a sense of adventure.

Distances & Timing: In an average day of your kayak trip we will paddle 8-10 miles, amounting to approximately 4 to 5 hours of time on the water. The day is split up with a few stops for eating, stretching and necessary restroom breaks on various public-landing spots throughout the San Juan Islands.

Please note that the vast majority of our trips follow the routes and itineraries listed on our website, but changes may occur for reasons of safety, weather, logistics and guide or administrative judgement.

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Helpful Travel Info

Coming just for the day? It's easy! Just leave your car parked in Anacortes and walk on the Washington State Ferry to Friday Harbor where we will pick you up in our shuttle and take you to our private kayak docks.

Already going to be here? We are happy to pick you up at the ferry terminal in Friday Harbor or you can meet us at our private kayak docks.

  • Bald Eagles
  • Shorelines
  • Sea Stars
  • Seals
  • Dall's Porpoise
  • Lighthouses
  • Orca Whales
  • Beaches
  • Sunsets
  • Madronas
  • Blue Herons
  • Bull Kelp

Gourmet Meals:

  • Fresh

    All meals are prepared fresh for you by your guides.

  • Local

    We support our local community and source many of our ingredients from farmers and providers right here in the San Juan Islands.

  • Organic

    Eco friendly, sustainable, and GMO/pesticide free. A way of life for many islanders.

  • Personalized

    Please inform us of your dietary preferences so we can prepare your custom meals. We can accommodate all eating preferences and allergies

*This is a small sampling of our many meals. Exact meals may vary based on dietary restrictions, allergies, food and beverage availability, trip duration and guide choices.
  • Breakfast

    Multi Grain Pancakes with a fresh berry compote and maple syrup. Local Goods Granola with a fresh fruit salad. A fantastic egg sandwich: Everything bagel, cream cheese, tomato, bacon, sprouts and cucumber. This tasty breakfast provides plenty of energy to get you through your morning activity!

  • Lunch

    Giovanni's on Bakery San Juan Bread: Fresh house made basil pesto, sliced peppered turkey, tomato, local greens and a thick slice of fresh mozzarella all on a slice of the unforgettable Giovanni loaf. Locally smoked salmon Caesar wraps fresh from the Friday Harbor fish market with local heirloom tomatoes from Mama Bird Farm. Local kale salad with mixed nuts, dried berries and fresh Quail Croft Goat Cheese dressed with Riesling vinaigrette from Local Goods. Oven fresh turkey with thin slices of brie, cranberry chipotle jam and a pile of sprouts layered between crusty sourdough bread from Bakery San Juan.

  • Dinner

    San Juan Pasta Company Spinach and Feta Ravioli topped with local vegetables in a tomato sauce. Fresh local Salmon selected by your guides from Friday Harbor Seafood and delicately cooked with garlic and fresh herbs. Served with a side of quinoa and wide rice, a seasonal vegetable and fresh green salad from Mama Bird Farm. Taco time! Fish or beef tacos with a fresh and light cabbage slaw packed full of local vegetables, Pablito's Salsa, fresh made guacamole topped with cilantro and fresh lime. This meal is an all time guide favorite and guaranteed to please our hungry camper.

*This is a small sampling of our many meals. Exact meals may vary based on dietary restrictions, allergies, food and beverage availability, trip duration and guide choices.

Our Kayak Guides:

Our excellent knowledgeable and friendly naturalist kayak guides: We strongly believe that an outstanding guide can make the difference between a good trip and a fabulous kayak vacation. We choose our guides carefully; many are locals with years of experience in the San Juan Islands and Pacific Northwest, while others come from across the world to offer their knowledge and personal experiences. Our guides are skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable, they have a positive attitude and are passionate teachers but most importantly, they love what they do.

No previous sea kayaking experience is required: We begin each of our sea kayak tours with a thorough safety/kayak lesson to familiarize you with your equipment and adequately prepare you for your adventure. The lesson includes paddling technique, sea kayaking safety, tips on loading and unloading of your sea kayak, familiarization with our safety gear and providing other helpful and necessary skills for our kayak expedition.

Small Personal Groups:

Small personal groups: Providing an excellent kayak trip involves a combination of many factors. One key aspect is the group size. A smaller group is safer on and off the water, allows for more interactions between the guide(s) and guests as well as gives our guests a chance to get to know each other. We adjust and modify each trip to the individual desires and interests of the group, allowing our guests to participate in various activities the San Juan Islands have to offer. Our regularly scheduled San Juan Island kayaking multi-day tour group size is limited to 8 guests or less.

At least two guides on all of our multi-day kayak expeditions with groups of 6 or more: One of our guides will provide a great trip, but two will double the fun. We ensure at least two guides on all of our multi-day expeditions with groups of more than 6. This makes sure the trip is safer, more intimate and allows our guides to offer twice the experience and knowledge, as well as entertainment and local folklore.

Camping on the smaller outer islands: The real scenic beauty of the San Juan Islands resides away from the main islands. Our multi-day kayak expeditions take you to various smaller outer islands. These islands offer non-crowded beaches, abundant wildlife, peaceful nights and pristine views. We stay in established campsites with composting toilets and running water. We usually, weather dependant, move to a new campsite every day or two for the full island experience.


Select a Trip to View Itinerary & Availability

2-Day/1-Night trip


In Prime Orca Whale Territory
Every Saturday-Sunday April-October

$459per person View Itinerary Book Now

3-Day/2-Night Friday-Sunday trip

3-Day/2-Night Friday-Sunday

In Prime Orca Whale Territory
Every Friday-Sunday April-October

$599per person View Itinerary Book Now

3-Day/2-Night Saturday-Monday trip

3-Day/2-Night Saturday-Monday

In Prime Orca Whale Territory
Every Saturday-Monday April-October

$599per person View Itinerary Book Now

3-Day/2-Night Tuesday-Thursday trip

3-Day/2-Night Tuesday-Thursday

In Prime Orca Whale Territory
Every Tuesday-Thursday April-October

$599per person View Itinerary Book Now

4-Day/3-Night Monday-Thursday trip

4-Day/3-Night Monday-Thursday

Day 1 & 3 in Prime Orca Whale Territory
Every Monday-Thursday April-October

$799per person View Itinerary Book Now

4-Day/3-Night Tuesday-Friday trip

4-Day/3-Night Tuesday-Friday

Day 1 & 3 in Prime Orca Whale Territory
Every Tuesday-Friday April-October

$799per person View Itinerary Book Now

5-Day/4-Night trip


Day 1 & 3 in Prime Orca Whale Territory
Every Monday-Friday April-October

1099per person View Itinerary Book Now

6-Day/5-Night trip


Day 2 & 3 in Prime Orca Whale Territory
Every Sunday to Friday from April-October

1399per person View Itinerary Book Now

3-Day/2-Night Friday-Sunday trip

3-day/2-night Kayak Camping - Women's Weekend - Friday-Sunday

In Prime Orca Whale Territory
June 11-13 ,July 9-11 August 13-15 - Suggest an alternative date

$599per person View Itinerary Book Now

Prices, times and tour location subject to change. Prices per person based on double occupancy in US$.

Please contact us for custom dates and trip lengths.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will I fit in the kayak gear?

    Here's a good way to get an idea if you will fit in the kayak. Most people of average body weight and height can fit into the kayak. All of our kayaks are doubles so there is more space that one might think. NOT SURE? PLEASE DO THIS: Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of the widest part of your body (hips/stomach/chest).

    Our SPRAY SKIRTS fits up to 43 inches including clothing, around the largest part of the midriff. The spray skirt is what you will wear around your torso. It connects to the kayak cockpit to keep you dry. You can wear it above or below your chest. There is a string to synch it to your body. If you can comfortably fit into it, you should be good to wear the spray skirt.

    Our COCKPIT dimensions are 31" Long x 16" Wide x 14.5" Deep.

    The cockpit is the opening area to get into the kayak. You will need to be able to sit down past it to get onto the kayak seat. Remember that your body parts can move and the boat is fiberglass so if you have hips that are around these dimensions, you can typically still sit into the kayak. What we want is for you to be able to safely exit the kayak. *Please send us a message through our website or give us a call, if you question whether you or someone in your group might not fit.

  • Am I too tall?

    The kayaks are most comfortable for people who are 6' 4” ft. and under. If you are above this height, you may not feel comfortable. We can put tall people in the front of the kayak to give them more leg room.
    *Please send us a message through our website or give us a call, if you question whether you or someone in your group might be too tall.

  • How long of a drive is San Juan Island from Seattle?

    We are about a 2 hour drive from Seattle to Anacortes and then a beautiful 1 hour 20 minute ferry ride to Friday Harbor. Arrive to the Anacortes ferry terminal about 30-45 minutes before scheduled departure time if you are walking on the ferry and 1.5 to 2 hours before scheduled departure time if you are bringing your car to San Juan Island. We have a shuttle from the ferry in Friday Harbor to our departure point. For those who wish to leave their cars at the Anacortes ferry terminal. For ferry fees and schedules visit the Washington State Ferries website. You can also fly to the San Juan Islands from Seattle, click on Kenmore Air & San Juan Airlines

  • Do you take beginners?

    Yes. All of our tours are designed with the beginner in mind. On all of our tours we give a safety & kayak lesson. All of our tours are guided so you will have an instructor near you the whole time.

  • What happens if there is a single person or an odd numbered group?

    We use tandem (double) kayaks for all of our San Juan Island tours. If there is an odd number then one person will be in a kayak with a guide or someone from another odd number party.

  • Can you accommodate my food requirements on your multi-day tours?

    Yes. We will send you a questionnaire when you make your reservation and our guides will plan accordingly.

  • Are showers available on the camping kayaking & bicycling tours?

    Yes! We do have access to showers at our campsites.

  • Will I see whales on my tour?

    Our kayak route offers one of the best opportunities in the world to see wild orca whales from a kayak because we paddle 1-2 days (depending on trip type) in a federally designated whale habitat. Since we can't guarantee that they will show up on every kayak trip, we offer the option to increase the odds to over 90% by spending one afternoon aboard a whale watch cruise aboard the Odyssey. The resident J, K, and L pods of orcas have recently been put on the endangered species list so our goal is to respect them, abide by the guidelines and not to paddle aggressively into their path. We will give you a lesson at the beginning of the tour for appropriate kayaking behavior near wildlife.

  • What kinds of wildlife could we see?

    Some of the local flora and fauna are Bald Eagles, Cormorants, Black Oystercatchers, Pigeon Guillemots, Pacific Harbor Seals, Orcas (Killer Whales), Dall's Porpoise, Great Blue Herons, Ochre Sea Stars, Blood Stars, Pacific Madrones, Douglas-firs, Western Cedars, Bull Kelp forests and Eel Grass beds.


61 or more days before the trip date, full refund of all payments less a $30 per person cancellation fee. 31-60 days before the trip date, guests will be charged 50% of the entire trip cost. 0-30 days before the trip date, guests will be charged 100% of the entire trip cost and no refunds will be made. All cancellations must be in writing and charged amount is determined upon the date of receipt.


We ask for a 50% deposit when you make your reservation for a trip that is more than 60 days in the future. If the trip is 60 days or less in the future, then full payment upon making your reservation is required.