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San Juan Sunsets

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It’s wild how many memories of mine are connected with sunsets and sunrises. Is it the sleepy-yet-energized state that awakens in me when the sun is around the horizon? Or the beautiful colors that imprint my mind? Whatever it is, there is something about a sunset. The beautiful oranges, purples, reds, yellows, and blues sooth my racing mind and set the scene for meaningful connection with my friends. My favorite kind of sunset: a San Juan Island Sunset.

San Juan Island is perfectly positioned in the rain shadow of the Olympic mountains. The average rainfall for the island ranges from 20 to 29 inches where Seattle averages 37 inches! How the island formed vs. how some of the other island formed is pretty unique, but I’m saving that for another post. It is surrounded by water (it’s an island!); the Haro Strait on one side and the San Juan Channel on the other. Seven miles to the west are the Gulf Islands of Canada.

This seven-mile body of water helps the west side deliver THE BEST sunsets. The longest days of the year this year offer a 9:19pm sunset. While that is usually my past my bedtime, I promise you it is worth staying up for. Crystal Seas Kayaking offers a daily sunset paddle April-October. Your guide will perfectly time your kayak trip and the prime sunset colors. If you are looking for a more early bedtime sunset paddle, try visiting in early or later summer!

Lastly, after sharing about the San Juan Island sunsets, I have to mention the beautiful sunrises you can see on one of our Kayak Camping trips. They are something you will not forget.

Brooke grew up spending her time on the lakes, rivers, and forests of Michigan. She graduated from Central Michigan University in 2015 with a degree in Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Science all while spending almost every weekend biking, rock climbing, skiing or ice climbing. She spends her summers guiding for Crystal Seas and TerraTrek in hopes of sharing her love of exploring the outdoors.

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