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We look forward to welcoming you to the San Juan Islands this summer. We are committed to making this the vacation of a lifetime. Here is what we are doing to keep you safe:


Small & Private Groups

·    Groups of 4 or more are automatically a private trip.

·    Maximum number of guests per group is 8 or less (unless a private trip).

·    Our 3-hour, sunset, and full day tours have 1 guide.

·    Our 2-6 day tours have 1 guide for up to 6 guests.

·    Guests on our 3-hour, sunset, and full day tours can meet us at our kayak docks if they have their own car on the island.

Staying Clean

·    Transportation vans are sanitized between each use.
·    Payment is electronically completed.
·    Waivers are signed electronically.
·    Sanitizing gear between each use.
·    Extra cleaning and sanitizing protocol will be implemented on all our tours
·    Hand sanitizer is readily available for our guests and guides.
·    Sanitizing our facilities with a fogger and using sanitizing spray often.
·    Practicing social distancing. 
·    All guides on our 2-6 day tours have a Food Handlers Permit.

Staying Healthy

·    Guests will receive a verbal health check from our staff before tour begins.

·    Guides will receive a health check everyday before they arrive to work.

·    We can supply disposable face masks in-case a guest loses or forgets theirs.

·    As long as the government guidelines suggest wearing face coverings in public to stay safe, our guides will wear face coverings. Our guests are also expected to abide by whatever protocol is current regarding face coverings. Since our tours take place outside in the fresh air, wearing face coverings will not be expected when on the water kayaking or on the road bicycling unless protocol changes or unexpected close proximity occurs. 

Softer Cancellation policy

·    24-hour cancellation for 3-hour, sunset, and full day tours.

·    Our cancellation policy is 2 weeks for over-night trips.

·    Guests can move their trip to next year for no additional charge.

We recognize that the information on safety against COVID-19 is ever-changing so we are committed to always keep up to date on the CDC, WHO, and our local, state, and federal government recommendation for best practices for our tours.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!