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Kayak Tours

A kayak tour (like one of our tours in the San Juan Islands) is an exciting way to get outdoors, exercise, learn new skills, explore new places, make new friends and see a wide range of wildlife with the safety of an experienced sea kayak guide. On a kayaking trip, you can often kayak to places that other forms of transportation cannot get to. And because there are no motors on kayaks, you can experience up close and personal encounters with wildlife. Kayak tours such as our San Juan Islands tours offer all kayak equipment, experienced guides with knowledge of the local area and wildlife, and the most pristine paddling routes available giving you the best possible kayaking experience.

More than two thirds of our planet is covered by salt and fresh water and there are many great destinations worldwide for an extended kayak vacation or just a short single day tours.

USA - Washington - San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands have to be one of the best places in the world for sea kayaking tours. We may be biased since we do run tours here (check out our San Juan Islands kayaking programs), but the San Juans truly must be at the top of the list. The San Juan Islands are easy to visit, have incredible scenery and magnificent wildlife. The islands are protected by the Olympic Mountains, the Cascade Mountains and Vancouver Island and therefore the kayak trip conditions are generally ideal whether you are coming for an inn to inn tour, a camping tour or just kayaking for the day .