San Juan Island Day Kayak Tours

3 hour, Sunset and Full Day Kayaking Trips

Join us on a 3 hour, sunset or full day kayak tour along the spectacular west-side of San Juan Island. We offer free transportation from the ferry terminal in downtown Friday Harbor to our launch site at Snug Harbor on Mitchell Bay or you can drive yourself and meet us at our private kayak docks. These tours are ideal for singles, couples and families who want a fun, active, outdoor adventure with incredible wildlife and amazing views while your guide shares information about the ecology of the San Juan archipelago and teaches you basic kayaking skills. Our three hour tours are offered all throughout the day starting in the morning, our day tour is 6 hours and begins late in the morning and includes a beach break, and our sunset tour begins in the early evening and then ends with a melting sunset. These tours are an easy day trip from anywhere in Western Washington or the Vancouver B.C. area and are a ‘must do’ when visiting or living the in the Pacific Northwest! No experience is necessary on any kayak trip or vacation with Crystal Seas. For reservations or information on any of our kayaking vacations or multi-sport vacations, please call us: Toll Free: 360.378.4223 (360.378.4223) / Local: 360.378.4223